Nachdem der DGSpring mit seinem Street Fighter V Turnier einigen Anklang in der FGC gefunden hat, geht es jetzt mit dem DGWinter weiter. Diesmal gibt es ganze 3 Fighting Game Turniere!


Auszug von der Event Homepage

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to announce the 6th installment of Germany’s biggest tournament series. This two-day event will be happening on December 17th + 18th in Dortmund, Germany and will feature:

  • Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles [capped at 144 entrants] and Doubles(2 Days)
  • Hearthstone (2 Days)
  • King of Fighters XIV (2 Days)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- (2 Days)
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon (1 Day, only sunday)
  • Street Fighter V (1 Day, only sunday)
  • Allround Gamer (1 Day, only sunday)
  • Other side events (e.g. setup of dancing game with small price every two hours)

As always, the FZW will provide bar service, so there’s no need to be sad if you drop out early because you will be able to enjoy Smash action all day long with traditional German Currywurst and refreshing beverages.
We’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

Also we try to give you a nice pre sale bonus.

  • Two-day tournaments raise their fee on 01.11 up to 5€ higher.

  • One-day tournaments raise their fee on 01.11 up to 2€ higher. So better be early!


17.12.2016 Samstag XRD 15:00:
17.12.2016 Samstag KOF14 18:00
18.12.2016 Sonntag SF5 12:00:

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Bilder vom letzten Mal (DGSpring)

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