Ausländer gibts auf deutschen Turnieren ja zur Genüge, aber die schwedische Flagge sieht man nicht allzu oft in der Anmeldeliste. Und wenn doch, denkt man meistens an die Sakura von Niklas ‚Skatan‘ Lagerborg.

Sein Landsmann DRz_Yagami hingegen ist vor allem als starker Dhalsim und Bison (Dictator) bekannt, aber räumt in KOF13 richtig auf! Zusammen mit PBF fährt er beim FFM Rumble #7  wie eine Dampfwalze durch die Brackets und holt sich im schwedischen Grand Finals die Krone. Die deutschen Spieler folgen knapp dahinter: Dracula Platz 3, KenDeep Platz 4, Senser Platz 5. Vielleicht beim nächsten Mal!

Dracula spielt gegen PBF im Losers Final

You actually managed to get first place at KOF13, with PBF coming second. Did you expect to win that tournament?
Before coming to Frankfurt I had no idea what the KOF scene was like, so I didn’t really know what to expect. After playing causals against some of the players the first day I thought I had a good chance of winning the tournament.

You had to go through KenDeep, MacVillain and Senser to reach the Winners Finals. Who gave you the most trouble and why?
KenDeep gave me the most trouble and was the only one except PBF to take a match in a set against me in the tournament. I hadn’t played him anything the day before and I had some initial struggles vs his Ash since he played him so differently from what I’m used to (so YOLO!). I also thought his EX Iori was very good and frightening.

MacVillain also surprised me by picking Maxima and doing some things I didn’t know about.

Do you and PBF play each other a lot? How close is it usually?
We usually play once or twice a week at Dragon’s Lair, the HQ of Stockholm’s fighting scene. In the past it’s usually been heavily in my favour but PBF has really been leveling up lately (while I, on the other hand, has been quite slacking when it comes to KOF). He’s been playing Athena since he started playing KOF and I think he really shines with that character. He quite recently started playing Kim and I already have trouble handling him playing him. I really need to start playing more again, or he’s going to start being the one with favourable results when we play.

How many fighting game fundamentals can you apply from AE in KOF?
I think every skill learned in AE somewhat helps when playing KOF. They are very different games but things like execution, reactions and an understanding of spacing carry over.

Does Duo Lon play similar to Sim/Bison in terms of pressure and zoning?
I think Duo Lon’s playstyle is more similar to Remy (who has always been my main in 3s, my first serious fighting game) than Dhalsim. All three are strong zoning characters, but Duo Lon and Remy are much more mobile than Dhalsim.

His pressure game is mostly about basic KOF fundamentals, so not very much like my AE characters.

What do you do to discourage people from jumping out of your blockstrings/setups?
Duo Lon’s rekka is very good at punishing people jumping, so punishing a jump attempt with that usually scares people from jumping much. With Mr. Karate I use a lot of neutral jump CD and LP Shoryukens to keep people from jumping. With Iori I just try to be in people’s faces and rob them with a single heavy hitting HD.

How does the swedish KOF level compare to the german one?
In Stockholm the level is overall slightly above Germany’s level. We have bubblanAB7 who is so good that the other (few) people playing really need to step up their game to stand a chance. The french are way above us though, those guys are sick.

What advice would you give the KOF players in Germany to level up some more?
Just the general things for improvement: play a lot, study matchups and try to get as much experience as possible abroad.

DRz_Yagami holt ersten Platz in King of Fighters 13

DRz_Yagami holt ersten Platz in King of Fighters 13

Seit einiger Zeit spielt Yagami in Street Fighter IV Bison, um die schlechten Matchups von Dhalsim abzudecken. Bei der Charakterwahl scheint er aber eine Lücke gelassen zu haben, in die Claw genau hereinpasst: Er verpasst wegen Emersion knapp das Siegertreppchen in AE.

Yagami, you made 4th place in AE! Are you satisfied with the placing?
I’m not entirely satisfied. Coming just out of top three is a bit frustrating.

You are mainly known as Dhalsim in SSFIVAE2012, but lately you have mained Bison. Why did you chose to pick Dhalsim vs Emersions Vega?
Some weeks before FFM Rumble the Stockholm gang went to Gothenburg for good times and a 5v5. In the 5v5, I got destroyed by their Claw player, Melubas, 3-0 and realized I did not know the Dictator/Claw matchup well at all. It’s a very different matchup since Claw’s 4 frame shuts down scissor kick pressure really well, and it’s also hard anti airing him. I later managed to get my revenge on Melubas in our Dhalsim vs Claw exhibition match and I realized I had so much more knowledge in that matchup. Because of this and because I did really well vs TR YouGenius’ Claw in our money match earlier I thought I had a good chance of winning with Dhalsim, even though it’s a slightly unfavourable matchup.

Did the meaty Ultra1 crossup by Emersion catch you by surprise? Or did you just gamble on the wrong direction?
I was very surprised. I didn’t consider at all that Claw could do that at the moment and thought I had that round for sure. I was also a bit surprised because Emersion generally is a very patient and safe player, and throwing out something like that didn’t feel like his typical style. With that said it was a great move by Emersion seing as he had pretty much nothing to lose in that situation. Being able to switch up your style is definitely a trait of a good player.

Emersion spielt mit hochriskanten Aktionen auf Sieg

Looking back at the match, would you change anything in your play style?
No, I don’t think I would change my approach to the matchup much. I definitely did some mistakes in the match, some heat-of-the-moment things, but some mistakes were also made because of lacking matchup knowledge. Next time I meet a Claw player I’ll approach the match the same way, but try to implement some of the things I noticed I was doing wrong.

How do you see the general level of play at FFM Rumble in AE?
The general level was actually higher than I had expected. The very best european players weren’t there unfortunately, but I met some players who surprised me. TR YouGenius, TR Sheva, TR Maruko, TR Mac, Emersion and Demulant were all interesting to play against.

What player or match was the most interesting to you or surprised you the most?
I’d say both Demulant and Emersion. I haven’t seen Demulant since 2009 when he played vanilla Ryu and he was much better than I had expected. I think I played quite terribly against him in the tournament though, and would have loved a salty runback but there was never a good opportunity since I was in the KOF and AE 2v2 tournaments the next day.

Emersion also surprised me by having improved a lot since I last saw him.

Das ganze könnt ihr aus Sicht von Emersion nachlesen!

Im Anschluss erfahrt ihr, was unser vielreisender Gast von der deutschen Community und dem Thema E-Sports hält.

Schweden unter sich

Schweden unter sich

This was your first time in Germany, as far as I know. What is your impression of the german community?
The German community was super nice! I had never met most of you guys before but I felt like we got a really warm welcoming and it was really nice meeting good players playing character’s I’m not familiar with playing against.

Do you feel that going to tournaments abroad welds you guys together as a group? Or is it all about gameplay and money&fame?
Tournaments definitely weld people together. You seldomly just play. You also talk and often eat together and it’s alway nice meeting people again at other events.

Did you feel the tournament was organized well?
Like pretty much every community driven tournament there were some heavy delays. Other than that, I think everything went smoothly.

Being part of an ESport Team, does it feel different from a „regular“ FGC Team?
I’ve never really been in a “regular team”. Before I played for Druidz I simply played at tournaments and with other members of Light Dash at Dragon’s Lair. I think the difference now is every event is a bit more official and I have more pressure placing well at tournaments and making a good impression in general.

Where do you see the overlaps between Esports and FGC?
I think the differences between the bigger E-sport culture and FGC is just that the other games have gained more public recognition. Right now, most FGC tournaments, even quite big ones, are grassroots based and since we’re a smaller community people in general seem a bit closer. I think the as fighting games gets bigger the scene will be more like the more established e-sport scenes.

Some FGC people like to take distance from the word e-sports, but I see no need for that. I think fighting games already are a sub-genre of e-sports and I believe more cooperation with big tournament organizers will have a good effect on fighting games overall. More and more organizers are starting to understand the needs of fighting games and how tournaments should be organized.

Are you going to be back?
Hopefully! I had a good time so if there’s nothing stopping me next year I’ll be back.

Thank you very much!
Thank you for a great event!

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